Automated Storage and Conveyor Systems

  • Kardex Readers' Choice

    Material Handling Product News Readers' Choice names the Kardex Remstar LR 35 winner of Product of the Year

    We are excited to announce that the Kardex LR 35 Vertical Buffer Module was a winner of the Material Handling Product News, Readers' Choice, Products of the Year award for automated solutions. This highly efficient, goods-to-person. bin-handling system stores and retrieves small, lightweight items. This automated solution is ideal for a variety of industries, improving productivity with less energy consumption.

  • Our Automated Solutions Partners

    Our Customers have diversified needs that require precision solutions that will use floor space efficiently, increase order selection productivity and improve workplace ergonomics. To successfully accomplish this, we work closely with our trusted partner suppliers, KardexRemstar and TGW to design, develop and deliver the best automated systems that optimally achieve our customer’s goals at the lowest total operational cost. Together we offer common sense solutions for any storage and retrieval challenge.

  • TGW Systems

    Our partner provider, TGW Systems is one of the industry's manufacturer of the highest quality conveyor hardware. Together we provide our customer with the durable, reliable equipment they can count on.

  • Kardex Remstar

    Kardex Remstar is one of the worlds leading suppliers of automated storage and retrieval solutions. Together we bring you tailor made solutions that increase the efficiency of your working practices and reduce your company's storage space.

  • flexible conveyor

    FMH Conveyors

    FMH Conveyors have long been industry leaders in truck loading and unloading solutions. Offering a full range of custom engineered and designed conveyors, they provide products that perform in even the most high-volume operations.

Automated Storage and Conveyor Options

  • Storage and Retrieval

    Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) provide the benefit of high-density storage using a compact footprint. The systems are customized to the unique needs of your operation delivering the speed and efficiency you need to stay competitive in today’s supply chain and distribution center environments.

  • RHSI Conveyor

    Conveyor Systems and Service

    Conveyor and sortation systems may be the key to your overall supply chain success. Designed with productivity in mind, our systems provide significant increases in productivity, shipping and capacity and order accuracy offering you measurable and profitable distribution solutions.

  • Picking Systems

    In today's fast paced and labor intensive distribution environment, our picking systems offer the perfect solution for streamlining your order picking, packaging and shipping operations. Using the combination of mechanization, controls and software systems we have helped customers significantly reduce labor costs, improve inventory accuracy and overall productivity.

  • Power Pick Global Software

    Power Pick Global facilitates batch picking, allowing an operator to fill multiple orders at one time. Optical indicators such as Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light direct the operator to the exact location of the pick, increasing accuracy and reducing the number of picking errors.

  • Vertical and Horizontal Carousel Systems

    Automated horizontal and vertical carousel systems offer significant gains in efficiency, inventory management control and floor space recovery. Rotating shelves deliver inventory directly to the operator, saving man hours and eliminating errors.

  • Vertical Lift Modules

    Kardex Remstar Vertical Lift Modules (VLMS) are enclosed systems that, with just a push of a button or scan of a barcode, locate and deliver trays of stored items to an ergonomically placed access window. VLM technology lets you combine retrieval, picking and and packing into shipping containers all into one work operation.

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