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Fleet Solutions: Optimize Truck and Operator Performance

When it comes to optimizing and managing your fleet assets, the more information you have the better. And the better the information, the more effectively and efficiently you can improve your facility's operating environment. From right-sizing your fleet to analyzing costs per hour, to immediately identifying impacts, increasing uptime and controlling operator usage parameters and more.

It’s all about results.

iWarehouse is the most comprehensive lift truck warehouse and fleet optimization system available in the industry. iWAREHOUSE® has earned itself a proven track record of cost savings & productivity that can be seen from the warehouse floor to the C-suite. iWAREHOUSE turns every lift truck into an information gathering device, and every laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone into a management control and command center. 

Choosing iWAREHOUSE means you have a variety of solutions that provide you with a 360-degree view of your entire fleet, and a steady stream of actionable data across the entire enterprise – to help your operations run better and manager smarter. 

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Real-time data, real-time monitoring with iWAREHOUSE Essential™

  • Automated vehicle access and control
  • Impact management
  • Electronic daily operator checklist completion to meet OSHA compliance
  • Metrics help you achieve timely productivity gains

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Knowledge is power. iWAREHOUSE Enterprise™ offers:

  • All the benefits of iWAREHOUSE Essential with additional fleet and warehouse optimization
  • Labor Management System integration
  • Consulting services to provide advanced reporting and analysis

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iWarehouse: The Industry's Most Advanced Fleet Optimization Solution.

iWarehouse is the industry's most powerful and comprehensive fleet optimization solution. A revolutionary leap forward in the way businesses acquire, analyze, and act upon information about their lift truck fleet operations. iWarehouse enables warehouses to operate with greater efficiency allowing you to take immediate control of your fleet and reduce overall operating costs.

iWarehouse provides cost reduction solutions for all of your warehouse operations including maximizing your truck and operator performance. Easy to understand and integrate into your existing operations, iWarehouse is the industry's only solution that automatically transforms critical data into intelligent, intuitive graphic reports. That gives any material handling operation the ability to immediately evaluate and act upon the information that directly shapes your bottom line.

iWarehouse Fleet Optimization Management Software phoenix az
l Utilize precise intelligence to right-size your fleet without sacrificing productivity or performance
l Digitally complete daily operator checklists
l Maintenance cost reporting that includes cost driver identification, cost segmentation, trend analysis, action steps, utilization and centralized billing
l Productivity reviews of equipment, storage, operator and throughput
l Identifying costs related to overtime, damage and energy usage

iWarehouse consists of six expertly-engineered modules, each providing specific remote reporting, control, and/or diagnostic functionality. By choosing the iWarehouse modules that best fit your operational imperatives, you can create the most robust, targeted custom solution that will reduce your operating costs, from day one. Learn more:

l iMetrics® Real-time performance monitoring
l iVerify® Checklist maintenance review monitoring
l iImpact® Real-time impact alerts
l iAlert® Fleet health monitoring and alerts
l iControl® Remote performance parameter adjustment
l iTrack® Anytime, anywhere maintenance management

LIFE CYCLE COSTING: Rational Methods to Managing Lift Truck Replacement  

“Life Cycle Costing” is the process of continued truck ownership cost of the older equipment to new equipmentacquisition cost. The analysis includes not only direct costs such as maintenance and depreciation, but also the indirect costs such as the value of lost production during downtime productivity gains. When the total monthly cost of maintaining an older truck exceeds the monthly cost of a new unit the older truck becomes a candidate for replacement.

Handling Systems provides value to our customers by:

l Identifying and projecting the best point in time to replace equipment
l Maximizing your return on investment
l Minimizing costs and risks
l Providing data for planning
l Determining the most cost effective approach - recondition, replace, or continue to maintain the unit

“Life Cycle Costing” is a cost effective way to manage fleet operations.

Maintenance Tracking: Accurate Maintenance Management

Handling Systems offers tracking systems which provide comprehensive data reports to enhance maximum productivity for your entire company. The reports  provides you with accurate, actionable fleet maintenance data allowing  you to monitor and reduce your overall costs per operating hour.

l Track parts and labor cost by truck
l View custom reports that can identify facility or region cost-saving opportunities
l Conduct fleet replacement analysis
l Consolidate invoicing
maintenance tracking Fleet Management Software phoenix az

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